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Do you ever feel like life is speeding out of control?

I often feel like the gas pedal is stuck full throttle.  Week after week flies by.  Today, I was thinking, "It can't be Saturday.  How did we get here?".  Maybe it is age-related, the older we get the faster time goes?  I just know that there is so much going on in my life and the world around me, sometimes it feels like I can't keep up.  In those moments, I wish for a slower time.  Time and space to stop and smell the roses, talk with a neighbor, listen to children laughing, watch the clouds roll by, or just be.  

Can you relate to this feeling? How have been able to create those moments of stillness?  What would you like to try and do?  

Often the fast pace is exciting, like driving a race car.  For me this week has been a combination or thrilling moments, recovering from skids, running out of gas, and avoiding all-out pile ups.  We as a world, have been in such an intense time of pain for several years now.  Will that decrease?  Probably not, so we have to find the moments of joy, love, and connectedness within the tragedies we face.  

Follow the links below to catch up on some of the more uplifting moments of my week.  Please comment and share what moments of your week, brought light in the midst of darkness.

Love Marti, your World Changer Consultant

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Part II: 

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