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World Changer Consulting Introduces Julie Adduci to the listening audience of WRMN AM 1410 Silver Solutions

The most beautiful moments can come from the simplest interaction like making a connection with another person's eyes, the touch of a hand, or a funny situation. You can also make those moments more structured and purposeful. 

I once helped a person with dementia reconnect with her life-long love of swimming.  I and my team found a way to get her out of the wheelchair and into the pool. Her mind didn't remember that she could swim.  She certainly didn't understand what was going on, but she trusted us.  So she smiled and cooperated as we lowered her into the pool and propped pool noodles around her to keep her afloat.

Her daughter had been invited to be part of this experience.  We showed her how to help mom remain safe and be playful in the pool.  They danced, laughed, and swam to their hearts' delight.  Even though she had moderately advanced dementia, her body had retained muscle memory from a lifetime of swimming. 

Did she remember the experience the next day?  Likely not, however, she was aware and connected to her daughter for that hour and a half swim session. Her daughter took countless photos over the next year that I took her swimming.  She's not swimming in the deep end these days,  but the monthly swimming sessions continue.  

In the linked radio broadcast, Julie Adduci shares a beautiful birthday experience she hosted for her mother who had dementia. “Mother felt heard...even if she didn’t remember it the next day, it was a beautiful moment”. Listen in to hear her story along with a great conversation about caregiving.

A huge thank you to Right At Home for hosting this program and for inviting us to be your guests. https://youtu.be/dIumtwrxOZA

Do you have a beautiful moment shared with the person you are caring for?  I would like to read your story in the comments. 

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