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About Us

We are changing the way the world interacts with the individual.
Standing beside family and professional care teams.
World Changer Consulting seeks to bring awareness and ignite passion in caregivers; to be intentional in the way care is being provided and communication is carried out.

Spreading a message symbolized in the hummingbird; joyful living, adaptability, resiliency, and longevity. Just as the hummingbird spreads life, we spread love, joy, and connectedness to one individual at a time.


  • Family Caregiving Consulting/Mentoring
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Care Navigation
  • Educational & wellness workshops
  • Implementing change to care homes with healthcare & activity consulting
  • Sale of wellness and activity engagement supplies. 
  • Connecting families with meaningful fun.





  • Receive encouragement, validation, and a problem-solving outlet with Caregiving Consulting sessions.
  • Restore connectedness between family caregivers and the caree. 
  • Learn practical ways to keep yourself well in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Learn methods to engage your caree in maintaining well-being in mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Reduce stress by using our assistance with care navigation.
  • Bring your family together to make informed decisions during consultant facilitated, family discussions.
  • Gain practical insight into your caree's cognitive functioning and learn methods to engage skills with the BCAT Approach and Test System.



  • Transition the individual smoothly into services by bringing the families and the professional care team together with clear communication.
  • Carry out effective care planning for expressive behavior planning, reduction of psychotropic drug use, and non-pharmacological pain management. 
  • Invest in your staff development to improve employee engagement and retention. 
  • Enhance employee embodying your mission/vision through education and demonstrations.
  • Show appreciation to your accounts by offering fun and interactive CE opportunities.
  • Engage the community and families with wellness and educational workshops.

We are Certified Caregiver Consultants, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, licensed to carry out BCAT testing and the BCAT Brain Rehabilitation Approach,

Certified to teach and give CEU's for The Caregiving Years, Dementia Communication Essentials, Ageless Grace, AromaTechniques

Meet Our World Changer Associates

Marti Hannon 

Julie Adduci

Jackie Schwabe

JoAnne Milas

Anne Clark



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