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Gift Ideas: Purposeful Fun for Everyone, Autism to Alzheimer's and Everything in Between.

It can be difficult to buy for a person with unique needs or for the person providing support and care. 

This page highlights my favorite types of engagement tools.

I have worked with individuals of all ability levels for the past 25 years.  Most of that time has been as Recreational Therapist working with people who have special needs and older adults, especially those with memory loss. 

I have found that my favorite "tools" work with everyone. They are easy to adapt to individuals who have special needs, mental illness, ID/DD, sensory processing disorders, memory loss, dementia, and more!  

The engagement "tools" listed below, all have numerous purposes.

  • Comforting, calming, grounding, fun & encouraging
  • Brain fitness & cognitive support
  • Expression of thoughts & emotions
  • Physical & emotional well-being
  • Connection to self and others

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Purposeful Fun 

Bring your family together with these fun and adaptable games and puzzles.  Perfect for brain fitness while have a meaningful experience. Take items with you on visits or leave them for the person to use independently.

Marti's Supply Closet 

Marti Hannon, Jackie Schwabe & Lean In Creative have developed adapted games inspired by popular brands. 
The games are large, easy to ready and simplified to allow everyone to play as independently as possible. Instructions are provided to further adapt the game for individuals with cognitive deficits.

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Emotional and thought expression is best carried out with creative tools.  Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

"My Music My Memories" is now a favorite of mine.





Comfort, Calm, Ground, Focus & Engage

These sensory engagement tools are proven methods for calming and focusing mind, body, and spirit in this present moment.  I like to use many of these items to clear my mind and release stress.  Once I do that, I am more able to connect with my faith, myself, and others. 


Dolls and Stuffed Animals can be very comforting to some individuals. 

There is a lot of controversy around using baby dolls with an adult.  It is important to use tools that are a good fit for the one you serve.  I have personally observed many individuals benefit from these type of engagement tools.  Tending to a baby or animal can provide a sense of purpose and connectedness as the person tends to the "needs" of the item. The softness, being weighted, and rhythmic breathing are all comforting as the person holds and pets the doll or animal.  



Daily supports to promote independence and health

 I have a motto, "I adapt the world to meet your needs." There are so many options to support independence and health.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Please note that if you choose to use essential oils, it is important to purchase high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and to learn about them. I personally use Doterra essential oils for many aspects of my health and well-being. 

Click here to purchase essential oils through my wellness advocate site, my.doterra.com/imaworldchanger

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