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Connecting families and professional care teams through wellness, purposeful fun, meaningful communication.

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Certified Caregiving Coaching is provided to encourage, equip, and empower families and care teams as you navigate the care of the individual you serve. 

Putting you first as you serve others. 

We offer coaching that fits your unique situation.   Count on us to empower you on the phone, virtually, at our office, in your home, or preferred setting. Session discussion points and goals are guided by the caregiver.  This is your time with an empathetic listener and to problem solve situations as they arise. Click here to pay for your sessions. We will contact you to set times for your appointments. 

Are you on a tight budget?

We don't want anyone to walk away from services due to the cost, please contact us so we can discuss options that are a right fit. 

Pay for your sessions in advance to receive significant discounts.  Advance payment is non-refundable and must be used within 2 years of purchase.


World Changer Consulting provides professional consulting services to fit your organizational needs to enhance interactions within your care community.

  • Fulfillment of Activity Consulting Regulations.
  • We work with multi-disciplinary teams to prepare you to stand apart by educating, equipping, empowering employees to:
  • Create meaningful interactions while providing care
  • Lead family in making transition decisions
  • Educate and involve family in daily routine
  • Activity engagement 

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Our store, Marti's Supply Closet equips you with the essentials of wellness and activity engagement supplies

World Changer Academy is focused on providing workshops to educate families & care teams. 

We offer unique nurturing and supportive classes to guide you in taking care of yourself first as you care for others.  Our workshops provide opportunities to develop skills for your own self-care and to enhance the care you are providing care. 

Our workshops include those led by World Changer Consulting and professionals in alignment with our core values and methods of engagement.

All sessions have CEU's available upon request. This is not a complete list of course offerings and not all classes occur regularly.  Contact us to request a workshop to be offered at World Changer Academy or to have a class brought to your community.

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Develop your caregiving and professional skills:

  • Ageless Grace Brain and Body Fitness
  • Ageless Grace Educator Training
  • AromaTechniques teaches participants a simple and meaningful way to connect through the power of touch and use of essential oils. 
  • Ignite Sparks For Today's Dementia Care.
  • Compassionate Care - connect to the heart and soul of the individual
  • Essential Oils in caregiving
  • Pain Management - Alternative and nonpharmacological approaches
  • Emotional Wellbeing - Alternative and nonpharmacological approaches
  • Spirituality and Faith 
  • End of Life Care
  • Mealtime experience
  • Sensory Overload - Autism to Alzheimer's methods to calm, focus, and connect.
  • Creating moments of connectedness
  • Technology Tools
  • Accessing community resources
  • 36-hour activity director course
  • Behavior expression, understanding the meaning and ways to support the individual.

Family and Caregiver Self-Care

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