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MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!
MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!
MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!
MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!
MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!

MUNO - Matching fun for everyone!

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Do you find visits with older family members and those with special needs stressful? Are you unsure what to do while visiting? Play our game to have purposeful fun with the entire family and all your friends.  

Muno is unique for its color scheme, easy to hold and read, jumbo-sized cards, simplicity, and step-by-step instructions on how to assist someone with cognitive impairment to play the game. 

The purchase price is $18.95 plus tax and shipping.  We use an outside vendor to process this order. The Game Crafter website prints, packages, and ships each new deck as you order it. 

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Has been created and developed collaboratively by Jackie Schwabe and Marti Hannon to create purposeful fun for everyone. Individuals who have autism to Alzheimer's and everything in between can play this game!

This game is a great tool to encourage the cognitive skills needed to identify numbers, colors, and matching. The goal of this game is to be the first one to get rid of your cards. When you have one card left in your hand you are supposed to say“Muno”. This is not a critical step to enforce unless players can easily grasp this concept.

To Play

Encourage the other person to join you in a game.

Play with cards facing up on table

“Let’s play with our cards face up as we are both learning this game”

Start with just 3 cards each. If he/she finds this very simple, increase to a higher number of cards.

Do not exceed 7.

Place remainder of cards between both of you and turn one up next to the deck.

Your client then chooses a card from his/her hand that matches either the number or color of the card.

You may need to provide cueing (guidance) such as stating

“Do you have a green or a number one?”

If this is too much for the person to follow break it down to “Look at your cards, do you have a green?”

Let them look for a moment and then ask “Do you have a number one?”

If they still have trouble identifying a card take the card and hold it up to each one of theirs ask 
“Does your card match this one?”

If the player does not have a card that matches, have them draw 1 card from the deck. He/she can play that card if it matches.

If not the turn passes to the next player.

Provide praise and encouragement throughout the game. Remember to have fun and let the person know that this game helps improve their memory. Everyone loves to hear that!