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Purposeful Fun Toolkit - Sensory Sensations & Relaxation

Purposeful Fun Toolkit - Sensory Sensations & Relaxation

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Life is full of stress and many of our caree's experience symptoms of grief, loss, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Providing opportunities to interact with comforting items to touch, smell, hear, see, and experience physical contact, is a meaningful tool for you and your career to cope with symptoms. 

Utilizing an engagement kit ignites the senses to calm and focus the person participating in the activity.  Activity engagement can help to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, comfort pain, promote connectedness, enhance the use of cognitive and physical abilities, and encourage the use of memory and recall. 

Included in the kit

  • Step-by-step caregiver instructions on methods to use tools in a meaningful way and adapt for varying needs.
  • Guides for various relaxation techniques.
  • Variety of items to touch, see, smell, and hear.
  • Container to neatly store and carry along to visits. 

Items in picture are examples of the recommendations in the step-by-step guide and are not all included in the kit.